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In our home, it was always a joke that my husband (or other people from the South for that matter) never completed a word when he spoke.

I fell in love with the way he talks and he loves Alabama and mechanin' (which is a real word in AL), so we mushed all we love into Bama'canics!

Allen has been working on anything with a motor since he was old enough to hold a wrench and learned how to machine cylinder heads when he was a teenager and never quit. He remembers so much about so many different kinds of vehicles it really amazes me sometimes!

His mentor, Mike, (a good ol' shade tree mechanic in UCLA who actually had tons of formal schooling in mechanics), taught Allen how to diagnose a vehicle by sight, sounds, smells. Of course, we now use some technology, but there are some things a computer just can't tell you. 

Alabama + Mechanics = Bama'canics

Family Matters:

We treat our customers like they are family and friends. We hope you'll feel that way about us too. We enjoy getting to know new people all over!

Interesting fact:

While UCLA can stand for that college out in CA, to people in the South it stands for the Upper Corner of Lower Alabama, Dothan to be exact. I know, hilarious! I had no idea what anyone was talking about when I first moved there.

Allen with our youngest son playing around!